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Activating Your Ambition
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Activating Your Ambition

Learn how to overcome the #1 issue that derails careers, destroys marriages, reduces longevity, and prevents people from reaching their goals - the inability to change.

FREE Activating Your Ambition resources:
  • Activating Your Ambition Skills, Interests and Abilities Worksheet - worksheet
  • Activating Your Ambition Goal Setting Worksheet -  worksheet
  • Influence Assessment - See how well you apply the eight core principles of coaching and influencing - assessment


What others have to say about Activating Your Ambition:

“With laser-like focus and a matter-of-fact style, Mike Hawkins outlines what it takes for people and organizations to succeed. Read Activating Your Ambition and prepare yourself for new heights of success!?/i> - Marshall Goldsmith, NYT and WSJ #1 best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and the recently published WSJ best-seller Succession: Are You Ready?

“This is a life-changing book! It shows you how to get more out of yourself and fulfill more of your potential than you may have thought possible.?/i> - Brian Tracy, author of How Leaders Lead.

“Mike Hawkins?book on ambition is based on sound principles of behaviour change and is written in a clear and lucid style.?/i> - Ian H Robertson - PhD MRIA, Professor of Psychology, School of Psychology and Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin and author of Mind Sculpture: Unlocking Your Brain’s Untapped Potential

“A comprehensive distillation of sound advice and practical research that will benefit a wide range of readers.?/i> - Jack Zenger, co-author of the best-selling The Extraordinary Leader and The Inspiring Leader and CEO of Zenger Folkman.

About Activating Your Ambition  

It has long been said that you can do anything you put your mind to. Yet, in this ground breaking book, Mike Hawkins reveals the flaw in this traditional thinking. While believing you can do something is critical, it is insufficient on its own. Based on over twenty-five years of practical experience in executive coaching, leading people, consulting, selling, and now as a coach to coaches, Mike Hawkins explains what it truly takes to influence people, change behavior, and achieve sustainable results.

By reading Activating Your Ambition, you will discover how easy it can be to learn new skills, overcome bad habits, and improve performance. You will find out how to conquer the primary obstacles to improvement, how to move outside of your comfort zone, and how to turn your ambitions into realities.

The eight principles of Activating Your Ambition show you how to build confidence, be more successful at work, improve your health, and enhance your relationships. You will have clarity in your goals and be well on your way to focused improvement and long term success.

Whether you are coaching yourself, others, or simply looking for insight into what it takes to be successful in working with people, you will find this book an invaluable resource.

Mike Hawkins Discussing Activating Your Ambition on Talk Radio -
 Activating Your Ambition

Q&A with the author.

Welcome to Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others written by seasoned executive coach, consultant, and award-winning author Mike Hawkins. To learn more about Activating Your Ambition, see:


An Economical Way to Improve Skills and Team Performance - Company Book Clubs

Activating Your AmbitionTM is uniquely qualified to be a book club resource. The targeted behaviors and practical applications discussed in the book stimulate three important conversations: 1) ones that employees want to have with their bosses, 2) bosses want to have with their employees, and 3) employees want to have with their peers. It brings out the importance of setting goals, the criticality of ongoing professional development, reaching individual excellence, and how to raise the bar of team performance. Try meeting once a week, e.g. Monday morning or lunchtime for an hour, and reviewing 1-2 chapters at a time. Rotate responsibility between people each week for summarizing the chapter(s) - in ten minutes or less. Then open the meeting up for general discussion. Close the meeting with each person giving their “lesson learned?from the chapter(s) and what they intend to do that week with their new found knowledge. There is no better or more economical approach than this to creating important employee dialog, imparting knowledge, and moving knowledge into application. As a limited time offer, email the author, Mike Hawkins at, to schedule a time to join your team for a no charge 30 minute conference call to close out your book club series. 

Raising the Level of People's Performance

After being part of many organizational turnarounds, helping individuals achieve their goals, and to be sure experiencing disappointments along the way, we've learned firsthand what it takes for people and initiatives to be successful. Activating Your AmbitionTM is the result of what we’ve learned in the process of failing and succeeding in raising the level of people's performance.
Activating Your AmbitionA key principle we've learned is that the people and collections of people that are most successful are action oriented. In particular, they continuously look for opportunities to improve. They have an “I can do better?attitude. But this attitude isn’t the reason that seemingly everything they touch turns to gold. The root of their success lies in what gives them this attitude. It is the confidence that comes with having the ability to develop, improve, and overcome hardship. They don't rely on one strength, the proverbial hammer looking for a nail, or their past accomplishments. They continuously develop. They refine their strengths, overcome bad habits, and build a robust set of capabilities that provide tremendous competence and confidence.

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Raising the bar of performance doesn't require analytical intelligence or a special genetic make-up. It depends more on desire and discipline. At the practical level where people turn what they want to do into how they do it, it takes the right mindset and ability to execute. And its not the ability of a single hammer, but the ability of a suite of tools each accomplishing the task for which it was intended.  The asterisk after "You can do anything you set your mind to"* represents the fine print that is often overlooked. It is the reality that effecting change on an individual or organizational basis requires more than knowing what to do or wanting to do something. Change that achieves its fullest potential and is sustainable requires more than knowledge or desire. Both are important, but are insufficient on their own.

Many Business Initiatives Fall Short

Many business initiatives, strategic plans, and training programs fail to deliver their potential because they are implemented as impersonal isolated quick-fix programs that ignore the individual's or organization’s ability to execute. Standalone and impersonal might work for installing a new piece of equipment, but where behavioral change and human improvement are required, it isn’t effective. Behavioral change best happens when it is made personal. It must not only be embedded into the fabric of the organization, but into every individual’s ability. Initiatives that are detached from the enablers to behavioral change rarely achieve their intended results.

Activating Your Ambition outlines a straightforward means to accomplishment by focusing on what it takes to effect behavioral change. It is a mindset and approach that helps you and those you influence make real and sustainable change. It is based on eight principles that provide the tools to overcome obstacles and reach new levels of achievement. It is a framework you can use over and over to develop new skills, stop bad habits, create new behaviors, and achieve new results. It is a practical approach that will give you everlasting insight into how to get out of your comfort zone and reach new levels of success that may have eluded you before.

The unique value of Activating Your Ambition is the how, not merely the what or the why of self-improvement. Rather than coming away merely informed or feeling entertained, you learn specifically how to make substantive and sustainable improvements in yourself and in the people around you. It enables you to seize the opportunity for improvement that lies within you, in your work, in your home, in your place of worship, or wherever. Its proven principles and insights provide the practical means to reaching levels of performance that you might not have thought possible.

Activating Your Ambition is for employees who want to perform better in their jobs and make more money. It is for managers that want to become better coaches to their employees. It is for executives who want to become better leaders. It is for parents who want to raise better children. It is for spouses who want to improve their marriage. It is for athletes who want to spend more time on the winner’s podium. It is for anyone that wants to ensure the books they read, the seminars they attend, the initiatives they conceive, the plans they create, or the coaching they receive gets reliably applied and transformed into sustainable results. It is for anyone that wants to reliably turn their ambitions into realities.

Alpine Link

Alpine Link helps individuals, managers, teams, and coaches activate their ambitions through books and other resources:

Activating Your Ambition Books:       

  • Activating Your Ambition: A Guide to Coaching the Best Out of Yourself and Others
  • Activating Your Ambition Roadmap Workbook   

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Other Activating Your Ambition Resources:

  • Activating Your Ambition Workshops and Seminars - one day and half-day programs customized to your needs and provided at your choice of venue. workshop brochure
  • Activating Your Ambition Executive Coaching - one-on-one coaching to help people improve their performance, develop new habits, and develop their SCOPE of Leadership? competency.
  • Activating Your Ambition Executive Coaching for Executive Coaches - Training for managers and executive coaches who want to learn the eight principles that underpin great coaching and reliably enable people to make sustainable changes in their behavior.

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