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  Alpine Link Events, Workshops, and Training Programs


Alpine Link offers a variety of standard workshops and custom training programs


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Leadership Development & Self Improvement

Consultative Selling & Sales Performance Improvement

Business Management & Improvement

  • Coaching Leaders to Lead as Coaches - A workshop for managers and coaches on how to coach, enable, encourage, and develop others. Through a combination of scenarios, role plays, lecture, and examples, participants learn how to enable and facilitate change in people's mindset and behavior. They learn the psychology of leading as a coach along with coaching essentials and best practices. They learn how to coach people in their professional development and bring out people's best. For more information, contact

  • Peak Potential Selling™ - A training program for sales people, sales managers, and sales executives on consultative selling. Participants learn how to become a trusted advisor to their clients rather than a product peddler. Topics covered include gaining access to top level decision makers, building executive level relationships, delivering compelling presentations, crafting personalized solutions, and closing profitable sales. For more information, contact

  • Business Planning and Facilitation - In this facilitated workshop, participants build a business plan that turns their mission and vision into a high-impact strategy and straightforward plan. This workshop uses business planning tools such as SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, problem mapping, team brainstorming, and process flowcharting to formulate strategies, roadmaps, and plans that get executed rather than ones that sit on the shelf and collect dust.  For more information, contact

  • The SCOPE of Leadership™ Boot Camp - A high impact off-site leadership training program where participants complete a battery of assessments, engage in leadership activities, and immerse themselves in the five categories of competencies exhibited by great leaders. Participants learn how to lead themselves and set the example, communicate effectively and inspire performance, develop and enable others, leverage partners and teamwork, and deliver operational results. For more information, see The SCOPE of Leadership™.
  • Sales Leadership Training - A leadership training program for sales managers.  Sales managers are often promoted into management because they were high performing sales reps. However, selling is not the same as leading and not the skills needed to be a high performing sales leader. In this training program, sales managers learn how to lead, motivate, enable, manage, and coach sales people to their peak selling potential. They learn how to set meaningful goals, conduct reviews, and embed repeatable best practices. For more information,  see Sales Leadership.
  • Building Teamwork and Collaboration - A workshop for teams to increase their collective trust, teamwork, and collaboration. Participants learn how to gain the trust of others and gain the synergy of working collaboratively rather than working as a group of individuals. They learn the best practices of working as a team, how to best help each other, how to constructively engage in conflict, and how to leverage each other's strengths. They learn the seven levels of collaboration and the five stages of team development. For more information, contact
  • Activating Your Ambition™ Workshop - A self-improvement workshop where participants set goals, identify the key enablers to reaching their goals, identify the areas in which they need to direct their self-development, and build individual success roadmaps that help them make their ambitions a reality. They learn the seven principles that lead to reliable and sustainable self-improvements. For more information, see Activating Your Ambition™.

  • Large Account Planning - A workshop for sales managers and large enterprise account team leaders who sell to large enterprise accounts. In this workshop participants learn how to build large account plans and bring account teams and support teams together in a high-impact large account planning session. This workshop provides best practices in account planning and a template for creating a world class account plan. . For more information, contact

  • Meetings That Work - In this workshop designed for people who lead meetings, participants learn how to lead efficient meetings that produce real results. Participants learn best practices of planning meetings, organizing meetings, and leading meetings. They learn how to manage difficult personalities, biases, and topic hopping. They are provided with a template they can repeatedly use to ensure good meeting practices are followed.  For more information, contact

  • Personality and Team Dynamics Workshop - A half-day workshop that reveals people's personalities and natural preferences. Participants complete an individual personality assessment and receive a comprehensive interpretive report. Through lecture, scenarios, and group discussion, participants learn how their personalities and those of others impact their performance and their team's dynamics. For more information, contact

  • Selling Value Chain Development - A facilitated workshop for sales managers and executives that results in the development of a new selling approach and/or selling best practices. Participants focus on the perspectives of their customers and what their customers value in the buying process. Participants develop a flowchart of their selling value chain and its key value adding elements from the buyer's perspective.  For more information, contact

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making - A workshop designed for anyone who wants to be a better problem solver and decision maker. Participants learn a structured approach to properly framing problems and decisions, mapping problems, brainstorming solutions, making good decisions, and crafting implementation plans. Participants will learn about decision making biases and balancing instinct with logical analysis. For more information, contact

  • Experiential Leadership and Team Development - A workshop for managers, leaders, and teams that incorporates outdoor adventure and experiential exercises. Participants learn how to lead, follow, and work as team through lecture and field application. They learn about themselves, their teammates, and how to take their performance to the next level. Experiential exercises include summer and winter activities in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. For more information, contact

  • Creating Customer Advocacy - This workshop is for people involved in selling to and managing existing accounts. Participants learn how to manage accounts, maintain customer loyalty, and create customer advocacy. They learn the best practices of maintaining contact with existing customers, leveraging cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, securing renewals and repeat business, and gaining referrals. For more information, contact

  • Putting Value in Your Value Proposition - A workshop for managers, marketing people, sales people, and anyone involved in articulating a value proposition to external customers, partners, media, and analysts. Participants learn how to build and articulate a compelling value proposition that causes others to take notice, become interested, and understand their organization's value. Participants learn the best practices in putting real value in their value propositions.  For more information, contact

  • Working Intentionally and Managing Your Time  - A workshop to help people gain back control of their workday and learn how to work proactively instead of reactively. Participants learn how to get off the treadmill of busyness as usual, stop procrastinating, and get more done in less time. They learn a repeatable approach to managing their workflow. This workshop includes classroom lecture, group discussion, and exercises.  For more information, contact

  • Project Manager and non-Sales Sales Training - A workshop for project managers, consultants, and non-sales managers who are involved with customers in a non-sales role, but have the opportunity to influence their customers buying choices. Participants learn how to spot and engage in sales opportunities without acting in the role of a sales person. This workshop utilizes the same principles of consultative selling. For more information, contact

  • Delegating, Empowering, and Maintaining Accountability - In this workshop for managers with people responsibility, managers learn how to set expectations, impart ownership to their people, and hold them accountable for results. Managers learn the six levels of delegation and the extent to which they should guide, direct, coach, or empower their people. They learn how to assess performance and how to confront poor performance. For more information, contact

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